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Content Marketing Author April fool's day is coming up and one of the things I recommend to my clients that are trying to do better is to become an author. Why? It's because it takes very little effort on your part and you can use that energy to drive your Social Media presence, both in Organic search and with Social Bookmarking. In fact, if you're already a savvy marketer, you might already have taken advantage of Content Marketing to boost your Search Engine rankings and your website traffic!

Content Marketing Author like Richard Marques CEOis one of the best Books I've read this year. It is chock full of ideas and strategies that are simple to implement, yet immensely powerful. One of the reasons I recommend Content Marketing Author is because it doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. Authors like Andy Lewis, Noah St. John and Joanne Simpson take a completely different approach to social media marketing by showing you how to create your own channels that will help you get more traffic and sales, without over-saturated "authoring" sites and blogs.

Content Marketing Author is a quick read, because it's easy to understand and implement. It gives you an incredible opportunity to add content to your site as often as you want, but without having to continually rewrite your posts for every publication date. The author provides a step-by-step guide to creating content, so you don't waste any time at all writing your articles, instead you can write them right away. You can also track your statistics with the Content Marketing package.

One of the coolest aspects of the book is that it includes a set of video tutorials. If you are like me, you hate reading. I mean, I love watching TV, but watching video tutorials? Like, how in the world do you ever watch videos? They just don't work. But when I was learning how to create videos, I found that the visual information helped me remember what I was supposed to be saying. You may click here for some information.

The book also comes with tons of other stuff that is great, but that is only the beginning. The one thing that makes the Digital Marketing book so unique, is that it focuses on the reader as a friend. It will help you make friends with everyone who reads your articles, even if you never meet them! You get instant downloads of your eBooks and videos, so you can spread your knowledge around even faster.

The way I see it, there are five keys to being a successful content marketing author. First, be an avid reader. Second, provide value to others, third, be a simple Internet marketer, and fourth, have the ability to monetize your marketing efforts. See this page:

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